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Mathematical functions. More...

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 Base-two bitwise binary operations.
 Linear Algebra
 Linear algebra transformations on Euclidean coordinates.
 Other Shapes
 Mathematical functions for other shapes.
 Polygon and polyhedron mathematical functions.
 Triangle mathematical functions.
 Miscellaneous mathematical utilities.
 Vector Algebra
 Algebraic operations on Euclidean vectors.


file  math-base.scad
 Include file wrapper of math base primitives.
file  math_bitwise.scad
 Mathematical base-two bitwise binary functions.
file  math_oshapes.scad
 Other shapes mathematical functions.
file  math_polytope.scad
 Polygon and polyhedron mathematical functions.
file  math_triangle.scad
 Triangle solutions mathematical functions.
file  math_utility.scad
 Miscellaneous mathematical utilities.

Detailed Description

Mathematical functions.