An open mechanical design library for OpenSCAD.

LGPL licensed


omdl is an OpenSCAD mechanical design library that provides open-source high-level design primitives with documentation generated by Doxygen using openscad-amu.

Its’ primitives are validated, it uses common conventions for specifying data types, and is divided into component modules, organized in groups, that may be included individually as desired.

Grouped Modules

constants database datatypes math shapes tools units utilities
constants database datatypes math shapes tools units utilities

Getting Started


See the GitHub source repository for setup instructions.

Library API

Design Examples


omdl uses git for development tracking, and is hosted on GitHub following the usual practice of forking and submitting pull requests to the source repository.

As it is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License, any file you change should bear your copyright notice alongside the original authors’ copyright notices typically located at the top of each file.

Ideas, requests, comments, contributions, and constructive criticism are welcome.

Contact and Support

In case you have any questions or would like to make feature requests, you can contact the maintainer of the project or file an issue.